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Board of Commissioners

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Q: When and how often are the meetings?

A: The monthly board of commissioners meetings occurs every 2nd Thursday of the month. You can find upcoming meetings and past meetings below.

Q: Where the meeting will be held?

A: We rotate the meeting place each month among all of our developments. Please see the event details for more info.

Q: Where can I find the list of the Board of Commissioners?

A: It’s under the menu of “About HHA” and “Who We Are.” Please click here to see the full list.

Q: Where can I download meeting related documents e.g. Public Notice, Agenda, Transcript and Minutes?

A: You can download any published documents directly from the event detail page.


Upcoming Meetings

Past Meetings

Past Meeting Documents


January Meeting (Public Notice | Agenda | Transcript | Minutes)

February Meeting (Public Notice | Agenda | Transcript | Minutes)