Introduction to the New Non-profit: "Housing for Hoboken"

I am pleased to announce that HHA has formed our first nonprofit corporation dedicated to sustaining and creating low and moderate income housing in Hoboken. Housing for Hoboken (H4H) will assist HHA in realizing our goal of renovating our current public housing stock and to create new affordable housing in the future. In the immediate future, H4H will be involved in facilitating our conversion to the RAD Program.


H4H is led by a five-member Board of Trustees. Three of those trustees are, by rule of the Corporation By Laws, members of the HHA Board. The other two trustees are to be members of the Hoboken community, living in Hoboken.


HHA is accepting applications for the positions of the remaining two H4H Trustee. We encourage any Hoboken resident interested in serving as a Trustee to fill out the attached application form and submit it to HHA by June 28th.


I hope you apply and I look forward to working with you to make Hoboken an even better place to live and work! (Click here to download the application)

Marc Recko,

Executive Director