Hoboken Housing New Elevator Project

The New Jersey Home Mortgage Finance Agency awarded the Hoboken Housing Authority $13 million to replace Elevators at our 7 story and 10 story high-rise buildings, roof replacement and flood mitigation.

On Elevators: The great news is that we are installing New Elevators; however the projected disassembling of an old elevator, manufacturing and installation of a New Elevator is expected to take 3 to 4 months. This means that the residents of high-rise buildings will be greatly inconvenient. To assist HHA during this Elevator Project, Housing Opportunities Unlimited( a nationally recognized expert inn relocation) has been contracted for this Project. Director Marc Recko, HOU Representatives and HHA Management held two large residents meetings (March 2019) at The Boys & Girls Club of Hoboken. The purpose of the meetings were to provide information about the voluntary in house relocation process; answer questions and address concerns from residents. HOU is currently conducting individual family interviews to assess resident need, provide voluntary In house(HHA Properties )relocation options and alleviate any concerns. The Elevator Project is expected to begin in late Fall of 2019 and continue for approximately 18 months. On Roofs: Funding fromThe New Jersey Home Mortgage Finance Agency will replace old and leaky roofs throughout HHA Properties. On Flood Mitigation: NJHMFA funding is providing HHA the opportunity to invest in various flood mitigations approaches such as flood walls, dry/wet proofing of Properties and other mitigation strategies that ensures the safety of our residents.